Missouri River and Katy Trail Update

Although Katy Trail sections along the Missouri River have been impacted by this Summer’s high water levels, the School House properties and the town of Rocheport are ‘high and dry’ and all Rocheport businesses are open their regular hours. There are lots of things to do and see here besides cycling the trail, so come on out and enjoy our B&B, restaurants, shops, winery and the River view from atop the bluff at the LBV A-frame or Bistro. 

The area usually affected by Missouri River high water levels is a 3 mile section of the Katy Trail starting just west of the Rocheport tunnel where the Diana Bend Wetlands Conservation area lives up to its name and oozes water over the trail when the Missouri River level reaches 26.1 feet as measured by the ‘Boonville Gauge‘. When the trail closure happens, there is a highway detour (about 4 miles) available using US Highway 40 and the 240 Spur leading in/out of Rocheport.

Going east, the trail is open at least to Cooper’s Landing (15 miles), but the Parks Dept is hard at work to get the trail in good shape for Fall so other sections are opening every week. The MKT spur trail is also open into Columbia (17 miles), so there are two great options for daytrips out of Rocheport.  For yet another option, you can drive to the Boonville trailhead (15 minute drive) and go west to Pilot Grove (25 miles)

Missouri River water levels are a moving target, dependent on many factors, so here are the best resources for tracking how it affects the Katy Trail in our area:

Katy Trail Potential Flood Locations

Katy Trail Flooding and Closure Advisory

Missouri River Level Projections at Boonville Gauge

You should check these resources frequently as they are updated as projections change.  These are the same resources we use to anticipate whether the trail is affected in our area.

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